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Attorney Maciej Grzelak graduated from Nicholas Copernicus University in Toruń. After graduating in 2010, he began legal attorney apprenticeship, during which he gained professional experience, inter alia, at the law firms of attorneys Piotr Gołda and Andrzej Lehmann. He completed the apprenticeship by passing the final exam. He has a perfect command of English, with special emphasis on legal English.

He is especially interested in matters of property owner claims in connection with the adoption or amendment (change) of the local zoning plan, mortgage claims, compensatory benefits for the agent after the agency contract termination, as well as widely understood matters of economic crimes.

He spends his free time climbing the rocks and in the Tatra Mountains - he is a member of High Mountain Club in Toruń.

Legal Services

The attorney's office provides professional legal services to individual clients and businesses. Professionalism, integrity, discretion and individual approach to each case are the priorities for the attorney's office Examples of the practice area in which legal assistance is provided are in the tabs on the right.
Civil Law
  • damages claims (motor insurance claims under third party insurance or comprehensive insurance cover, medical errors/malpractices, accidents at work and other),
  • representation of clients at the negotiation stage,
  • inheritance proceedings (confirmation of inheritance acquisition, legitime, inheritance division, as well as preparation of tax forms and land and mortgage registers),
  • debt collection, debt recovery
  • utility easement,
  • bills of exchange law cases,
  • preparation of drafts of contracts and advising on contract performance security (mortgage, pledge, bill of exchange, guarantees),
  • fradulent conveyance claim (actio Pauliana),
  • and other civil law matters.
Real Property Law
  • seeking compensation in connection with the adoption or amendment (change) of the local zoning plan,
  • matters related to planning and adjacency fees,
  • cases for the lifting of joint ownership, of acquisitive prescription and other non-litigious proceedings recognized by the court,
  • representation in administrative and court and administrative proceedings relating to compensation for the expropriated property on the basis of the Act on real estate management and the Act on special rules for the preparation and implementation of investment in public roads,
  • seeking compensation from the municipalities for failing to provide social housing for persons with adjudicated eviction.
Trade Law
  • reparation of drafts of company deeds (Memoranda and Articles of Association) along with their registration in the National Court Register,
  • amendments to memoranda or articles of association, including those related to the increase or reduction of share capital,
  • legal support in carrying out personal changes in the companies’ statutory boards,
  • transformations, mergers, divisions and liquidations of commercial law companies,
  • cases against members of the board for the obligations of a limited liability company.
Family Law
  • child support cases (including obtaining child support from debtors residing outside
  • divorce or separation cases, Poland),
  • division of joint property cases,
  • application for establishing contact with children cases,
  • adoption cases.
Criminal Law
  • defense in criminal cases and cases under the Fiscal Offences Act,
  • defense in petty offences cases,
  • wronged party representation in the preparatory proceedings and being a representative of subsidiary prosecutor in court proceedings,
  • representation in private prosecution cases, including preparation of private indictments,
  • representation in enforcement proceedings (cases, among others, for a permit to hold a penalty of imprisonment as a electronically monitored curfew, for a time-off in the execution of punishment , for a postponement of penalty).
Administrative Law
  • representation in administrative proceedings before the authorities, as well as in administrative court proceedings (appeals from the decision, complaints to the regional administrative court, cassations to the Supreme Administrative Court),
  • representation in administrative enforcement proceedings.
Labour and Social Security Law
  • representation before the courts in labor law matters (including the cancellation of the termination of an employment contract, claims for overtime payments),
  • preparation of internal sources of labor law,
  • appeals against decisions relating to social security matters.
Bankruptcy Law
  • preparation of applications for declaration of bankruptcy and the representation of the bankrupt before the bankruptcy court,
  • reporting of claims in insolvency proceedings,
  • exemption from bankruptcy cases.
Tax Law
  • appeals against the decisions and complaints to the administrative court,
  • preparation of tax forms,
  • representation in undisclosed sources of income cases.


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